Friday, February 25, 2011

#5_Into the wild

We decided to put up these images to show you both the "struggle" we had to endure and our final set up. We decided to have on one side the questions in french and on the other the same questions in english. It turned out our original idea of making people sit did not add any comfort, it actually seemed to be the contrary the people we interviewed enjoyed standing better.

#4_The real thing

We finally started to go outside. We chose a setup of two seats and a table to sit the questions onto.

The questions were designed to make people speak about jealousy in a way they didn't expect: "Could you ever be jealous of a tree?"


In the next step some of Barbara's friends agreed to be interviewed. This helped us get a very in depth type of feedback both about the experience (what was comfortable) and also about the content that could be gathered.

We found that for example, walking - filming - talking were too many distractions.

#2_Primary experimentation

Hello, in order to start our outdoors experimentation, we all (the team) interviewed ourselves as a way to understand what was truly being explored and prepare a more productive installation.